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Simple Tips for Increasing Traffic to your Blog

With Facebook you are initially chasing “likes” or “fans”, with Twitter you are trying to build followers, and with your blog you are trying to increase traffic, or the infamous “unique visits”.

You have to remember that there are a lot of bloggers around, and in a perfect world, you would write a blog, tweet it, add it to your facebook page, and get 1,000s of re-tweets, likes, visitor traffic and comments.  But in today’s world, if you not mashable, you might be happy to get 1 comment, or a few re-tweets.

So, how can this be fixed?  Here are some simple tips, they have worked for me and I’m sure they could work for you.  But PLEASE keep in mind, building traffic to your blog is a long term process.  Even some of the most famous bloggers couldn’t go “full time blogging” for at least 2 years.  Taking what they know, you could go full-time sooner, but the point is to keep in mind that to make your blog a success, working on it a little every day, is the best way.

Tip 1 – Write great and helpful content for your target market.

So many people get bogged down trying to build in keywords, or trying to write a “popular” post.  It’s nearly impossible for you to decide what is popular.  Only your readers tell you this.  Just focus on exactly what you know and want to share – and the followers (your target market) will have a better chance of finding you.

Tip 2 – Join Blog Communities and embrace the Blogging Spirit

Bloggers of a feather should stick together.  You should sign up to communities where you can network and support other bloggers.  Don’t worry about just joining to get attention for yourself.  Your goal should be to join to make new friends, review, comment, and vote-up other bloggers.  If you do this, the blogging karma will find a way back to you.

Tip 3 – Comment on other Blogs

And I don’t mean just “Great Post” type comments.  Write at least 1 or 2 sentences of quality feedback or discussion, just like a conversation.  This way you will create a good impression to the blog owner (who should be grateful for your comment) and to other people who come and read the blog.

Tip 4 – Tweet and Retweet

Twitter has become such a great platform, with such great add on tools for managing and utilising.  No longer do you just tweet what you are doing.  To increase traffic to your blog, you should be tweeting articles and blogs which are relevant to your target market.  You should also be retweeting other tweets from people you like or you follow.

Tip 5 – Engage in Social Networking

I know I have already mentioned Facebook and Twitter, but there are a few other Social Media platforms you should be looking into – especially LinkedIn and YouTube.

LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform which has a great set up.  You can upload your “CV” details, including experience, education and work history.  You can also share your blog feed on your profile, and your Twitter feed as well.  Other bonuses include sharing your Amazon Book Reading List, online file sharing through and sharing presentations through Slideshare.  The best part though are the places where you can join and participate in groups, and also answer questions and show your expertise in the “Answers” section.

With You Tube, having an account is paramount.  Ideally you should upload your own videos, tutorials and/or screencasts, but even if you are not yet ready to do this yourself, you should open a “Channel” and subscribe to other “Channels” which are relevant to your target market.  Then you should view, “favourite”, and share other people’s videos through your channel.  Making comments on other relevant videos is also a great idea.

Using social media sites, that link to your blog, can generate some great traffic.

In Summary

What people don’t realise about getting traffic to your blog, is you have to give A LOT more than you get.  Getting followers is different than it was 2 years ago.  Blogs like “Mashable” were a unique concept, attracted followers easily, and kept them with a well managed blog strategy.

Now you need a different strategy, and if you integrate these tips, you will be a step closer to achieving your blogging goals.

Have you tried these tips?  Do they work for you?  Do you know some better tips?  Feel free to share below.

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  • Suresh Khanal

    I am adding a NEGATIVE tips to share with you all, hope you can rearrange to better word.

    I knew the value of social networks and blogging communities and some great tools in internet that lets you connect your facebook, twitter and other profiles so that if you post on one will make it appear everywhere. Because automating make life easier and because I was learning and much of excited, I guess used whatever services I encountered linking and connecting services and profiles. now the problem is:


    I know it is because I linked profile, but now it already has been so mesh that I hardly find time to analyze and go to break those links. So I wish to suggest, make a good media plan before you connect profiles and services.

    • Fiona

      @Suresh Khanal, Thank you for sharing Suresh. Even negative tips can be helpful, as they describe what NOT to do. I really support your suggestion to have a social media plan.

      Some people do get carried away once they start to embrace social networking, and you can lose track of exactly where you’ve been and what you’ve done and what you’ve linked where. That’s an excellent tip.

  • Mike

    Great tips Fiona. Several more ways are article marketing and Squidoo pages 🙂 They’re all good ways to attract traffic and build backlinks.

    • Fiona

      @Mike, Hi Mike, thanks for your feedback and bonus suggestions.

      I’ve noticed that Guest Posting is popping up everywhere at the moment as a great way to drive traffic as well. I guess there is a balance to write your own blog, and also develop a reputation by writing other blogs on high traffic sites and article databases too.

  • KPerry

    These are great tips for a newbie like me. I am not good at marketing so I have bookmarked your blog so I can catch up on all the articles I missed!

    • Fiona

      @KPerry, Hi KPerry, I’m happy to hear you like the tips. And if you’re looking for more tips on marketing you’ve come to the right place 😉 Thanks for your comment.

    • Fiona

      @Cole Stan, Hi Cole, No I haven’t tried article marketing yet, but I have heard it is another excellent way to drive traffic, especially with sites like Ezines. Have you tried it? Has it worked for you?

  • Alison Bova from Live Beyond Nine to FIve

    Hi Fiona,
    you have a great site.Thanks for sharing this post. I think you are being really upfront about how long it takes to build the following and great practical advice.

    I also like to use the same theme as a blog post and create a 2- 3min video on the same subject and post them together. This helps to build your keyword strength.
    I look forward to reading more :o)

    • Fiona

      @Alison Bova from Live Beyond Nine to FIve, Hi Alison, Thank you for your feedback. I do like being upfront about things like this because there is a lot of fluff out there about “building” and “recruiting” followers. But I think if you are good at what you do, and focus on that, the followers will naturally find you.

      I like your idea about the video… great way to emphasize a point too. 🙂

  • Sourav

    These are some very useful tips for a beginner like me. At the moment, my promotion strategy is based on blog commenting, Twitter and blog communities like Blog Engage.

    • Fiona

      @Sourav, Hi Sourav, Thanks for your comment, and thanks for sharing your promotion strategy for your blog. I hope it is proving effective for you 🙂