Senior Marketing Specialist with over 10 years’ experience in consulting, media and SaaS/ tech industries.

I am a project manager who can lead teams, develop plans and strategies, run campaigns, events, manage social media communities, write and edit content, and run email marketing programs and automation. Everything I do is results-driven.

Content mapping

Digital Marketing Strategy

I possess expertise in creating and implementing successful digital marketing strategies. I have a proven track record in managing advertising campaigns, tracking performance, and generating leads through various online channels. I can develop effective strategies tailored to different platforms and target audiences.

Content Strategy, Creation and Copywriting

I have strong skills in content creation and copywriting. I have experience in producing compelling blogs, emails, and social media assets. My storytelling abilities and attention to detail are reflected in my ability to create engaging and persuasive marketing materials that resonate with the target audience.

Customer Engagement and Relationship Building

I place a strong emphasis on customer-centricity and excellent customer service. I am focussed on understanding the challenges faced by the target audience and empathising with their needs. I am skilled in nurturing online leads, engaging with customers, and building relationships.

A little more about me

I value remote work, flexibility, collaboration and an outcomes-based approach.  I have worked in globally distributed teams, and I have used a range of martech platforms including HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, The-Software-Formerly-Known-As-Pardot, Tableau, Buffer and more.

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