Marketing Specialist with over 15 years’ experience in strategy, content, social media, event and project management.

I lead teams, develop plans and strategies, run campaigns, events, manage social media communities, write and edit content, and dabble in email marketing and automation.

Everything I do is results-driven.

I excel in marketing project management and:

Content Strategy and Delivery

I am a lifelong writer and pedantic editor. I live in that little gap between SEO and real-person-engagement. I can craft blogs, website content copy, ebook prose and more.

Social Media Campaigns

Love the platforms or hate the platforms… social media channels STILL deliver the best results.  Combining organic posting with some paid advertising can bring some pretty cool outcomes in terms of brand awareness, through to customer conversion.

Event Management – Digital/ Hybrid/ Live

Digital events are now proven to be an amazing tool for businesses. Webinars, webcasts, online events, web shows, podcasts are all the rage. I am experienced in running successful online events and know how to make you look good.

I have also represented B2B businesses at real-life events including expos, conferences, executive roundtables and more. This involves negotiating contracts, through to booth design, marketing messaging, coordinating swag and collecting and building workflows to nurture leads.

A little more about me

I value remote work, flexibility, collaboration and an outcomes-based approach.  I have worked in globally distributed teams, and I have used a range of martech platforms including HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, The-Software-Formerly-Known-As-Pardot, Tableau, Buffer and more.

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